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27-Apr-2017 20:25

In other words, the social media landscape of 2016 is going to look much different than what we’ve seen up until now.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics that show where we are today and where we might eventually end up.1. Social media sites used to be an auxiliary territory in Internetland, but it’s become clear that these kinds of sites are now the bread and butter of modern Web activity. And moving forward, we’re only going to see even more social media sites popping up.

If you’re going to use social media in a sexual way, just remember this: the Internet never forgets.

There’s a good chance that that racy photo of you will come back and bite you in the rear. We’d love to hear what you think about social media, whether you love it or hate it.

As we ease into 2016, maybe it’s prudent that we take a step back and survey the social media landscape.

For once, it feels like the big giants — like Facebook and Twitter — are actually losing their momentum, and the whole industry feels like it’s shifting.

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For younger users, Instagram is more important than Facebook and Twitter. And while Instagram might be the hippest site around, there’s evidence to suggest that its days may already be over as younger users start flocking to even newer social media outlets like Snapchat and Vine.3.On its 10th anniversary, Reddit had just over 36 million user accounts spread across 850,000 subreddits (i.e., individual communities) and approximately 10,000 of those subreddits had some activity yesterday.9.Social media encourages the development of more extreme viewpoints.In general, people just aren’t very good about personal privacy and security, but teens are especially bad with it.

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