Garmin lifetime updater updating device software

17-Jul-2017 16:41

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Frankly I don't know whether to thank Garmin or Microsoft for this aggravation, but since Garmin chose to require the framework, and their map updater program doesn't properly detect whether it is already installed, I'll still give Garmin the blame.10.

Switch to another computer (which is an option Garmin should know isn't available to a large percentage of their customers) and start basically from the beginning again.11.

Install the stupid "communicator" plugin for IE.12.

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I know it costs money to keep map data up to date, but the I had to pay was still a bit steep for the marginal improvement in usability.

Web browsers already have as their single most definitive purpose, "communicating with web servers" so it is aggravating that Garmin feels it is necessary to introduce additional software to accomplish this for "their" data.2.