Garmin updating gps firmware

10-Feb-2017 10:12

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Sidebar tidbit: The pink band is technically called ‘Cerise’ by Garmin, which ironically enough, is simply French for ‘Cherry’.

Secondary tidbit, you know when you see on a trendy American restaurant menu that you have ‘haricot vert’, and it sounds all fancy?

After all, the running focused unit doesn’t just have music, but rather all the latest features and functions that Garmin’s been adding lately – such as NFC contactless payments (Garmin Pay), latest Connect IQ app support, and finally in their high end dedicated running watch: A barometric altimeter (only the triathlon variants have had that till now).

I’ve been using a loaner beta device for almost a month now, through runs, rides, and more. I could compare it to its older sibling – the FR630, or, I could compare it to its half-sibling, the FR935. Here’s what’s new:– Added Music storage and playback via Bluetooth (first Garmin watch to do so) – Added Garmin Pay (NFC contactless payments) – Added Garmin’s latest Elevate Optical HR sensor (same as FR935), for 1-second 24×7 HR recording – Added Bluetooth Smart sensor support (like FR935, FR630 didn’t) – Added First Beat Training Status metrics – fitness load/recovery (FR935 has it, FR630 doesn’t) – Added Lactate Threshold tracking (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Added latest Garmin Connect IQ for apps (FR935 has it, FR630 stops at older version) – Added indoor pool swimming (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Added Ski/Snowboard sports (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Added SUP/Row/Yoga/Elliptical/Stair Stepper/etc sports (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Added HRV Stress app (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Added Strava Live Segments (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Can respond to text messages from watch (only for Android users for now) – Can follow courses (FR935 has it, FR630 didn’t) – Uses similar charging cable to FR630.

And I actually wore it around for about 10 days that way.

But a tall pasty looking male living in Paris with a bright pink wristband gets some odd looks, and then some odder questions/statements.

Garmin nüvi 7x5 series products that are no longer able to acquire a GPS satellite signal may download a firmware update immediately that will correct the software issue.

This firmware update may be downloaded using Garmin's Web Updater program at

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The company's released a new software update that should provide a fix -- it should be available now via its Web Updater.Firmware updates for other affected products will be available online through Garmin's Web Updater in the near future.Affected customers who have registered their GPS device will be notified about these updates through email.), but includes some marine, aviation and automotive units as well.

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