Getting over dating a pathological liar

26-May-2017 01:27

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Narcissists and sociopaths live and breathe by a pathological relationship agenda from which they will never waiver – even if it takes . I was thinking about my ex today and about all of the incredible lies he told me. And although he may be slightly concerned about getting caught, he’s only concerned about the inconvenience it may cause for those first five or ten minutes just prior to him having to initiate a silent treatment and disappear into thin air.

I remember how, as the years passed, I could see this particular talent of his blossoming right before my very eyes. The fact that his/her lies have the potential to – and often do – cause great pain and suffering for the people around him (and particularly, his partner) doesn’t even enter into the equation.

To a narcissist, lying – just like the faking of emotions – is means to an end. I’m just curious why you made a point of saying Bookman’s when obviously you were at Barnes & Nobles. Long ago, based on my own experiences, I determined that the act of pathologically lying is nothing short of a deliberate narcissistic/sociopathic strategy for getting away with all the crap that a narcissist needs to get away with day to day.

He’ll lie so much about so many things that your head will spin. It isn’t a and, therefore, it’s necessary to lie all the time.

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Sure, it’s the easy way out and exactly what the narcissistic partner wants but the alternative is even worse. He must create plausible denial every day, all day, and by honing his skills as a pathological liar, all bases are clearly covered.

Consequently, we can, if we so choose, spin ourselves silly trying to unscramble the narcissist’s mixed messages but it won’t give us anything better than what we’ve already got.

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