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A popular attraction in Sumilon Island is its sandbar because of its changing shapes and shifting locations around the island depending on the season.

Other places of interest in the island are a natural lagoon with high mangroves and natural caves used by fishermen to seek refuge during storms, and a lake.

This prompted them to relocate the town to its present site from their fortified settlement in Daanglungsod, which is now in ruins but still breathtaking.

Oslob was established as a visita of Boljoon in 1690 and became an independent parish in 1848 with the Immaculate Conception as its patroness. The church was burned down during the Second World War liberating Philippine Commonwealth troops and Cebuano guerillas against the Japanese in Oslob in 1945, and 1955 but was eventually restored.

The island's diving sites are famous for their superb visibility, stunning reefs and abundance of varied tropical marine species that provide an ideal and memorable dive.

There are occasional sightings of black tip sharks during dives.

This was intended to be the cuartel, barracks for Spanish soldiers or guardia civil.

It was started about 1860, but remained unfinished at the end of Spanish occupation in 1898.

Another route to Sumilon Island is via Dumaguete City since it is also close to the island.Generally, topography of the area is hilly and rolling, dominated by open grasslands and second growth forest.There are fairly level and rolling plateaus and valleys spread throughout the interior.Some time in the 1970s, a newspaper article stated that the "pueblo de Lilo‑an" was separated from the municipality of Mandaue (now Mandaue City), and was created a new municipality in 1840.

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However, in his "Breve reseña de lo que fue y de lo que es la Diócesis de Cebú en las Islas Filipinas," Redondo (1886) states that Lilo‑an was created as a parish in 1845 (in 1995, Lilo‑an celebrated its sesquicentennial - 150th – anniversary.) The creation of the municipality of Lilo‑an could have been at the same time the parish was established, but not earlier than its being a parish.The island of Sumilon is located in the southeastern tip of Oslob.It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines; created as a marine sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of the Silliman University Marine Reserve of Dumaguete City in the nearby province of Negros Oriental.Whale sharks can be spotted in Tan‑awan which is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the center of the town. Local fishermen feed the whale sharks by hand which tourists find entertaining.

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Saint Pedro Calungsod also known as Peter Calungsod and Pedro Calonsor, was a Roman. Historical research identifies Ginatilan in Cebu, Hinunangan and. on baptismal records containing the surname "Calungsod" dating to circa 1748. Benevolent Missionaries Association · Unión Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas.… continue reading »

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