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09-Feb-2017 02:52

Even if you know zip about the sport, take that as your opportunity to chat him up for info like Emily from the University of Mississippi did.

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You’ll know that you’ll have at least one thing in common and you can impress him with your skills.

House parties are usually the best place to meet older guys.” House parties tend to be a more intimate setting for meeting guys: there are usually fewer people there and so it’s easier to chat up that cutie! Just remember that there’s a fine line between being the life of the party and being “that party girl” (Li Lo, anyone? Zachary from Wake Forest University says you should be careful about hooking up with too many guys too quickly or you’ll end up with a reputation that reaches all the way to the upperclassmen.

“I guess if hooking up is what you’re all about, then have at it,” Zachary says.

When there’s so much to discover about being a new collegiette on campus, serious boyfriend-hunting shouldn’t take a big priority.

And if you do snag a Campus Cutie your first year, don’t be distressed if the relationship doesn’t work out.

As girls, we can be intimidated by asking a guy out, but being upfront and confident is always sexy. It’s still easy to meet guys thanks to student clubs, sports teams, and other extracurricular groups.