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On that particular day, Mahaprabhu felt very tired after prasada; so He came back to His room and fell down just inside the doorway.

When Govinda saw Mahaprabhu within the doorway, he wondered how he could massage the Lord without stepping over Him.

Persons associating in a "prostitution establishment" with another person for the purpose of prostitution faces a jail term or a fine or both.

The term "prostitution establishment" is not clearly defined, although it may be broadly interpreted to include any place where prostitution takes place, especially in regard to cases involving child prostitution that carry heavier penalties (up to six years if the prostitute is younger than 15 years of age)—otherwise, the law is not usually enforced against prostitution in private places.

As the kirtana went on, Haridasa gazed at the lotus face of his beloved Lord and chanted the names “Shri Krishna Gauranga” again and again, and thus departed from this world.

All the devotees were astonished at Haridasa’s departure.

According to the act, sex workers must also undergo rehabilitation for one year at a reform house upon the completion of punishment for practicing prostitution. If you want a sex destination, you go to Thailand.— Hamat Bah, Gambian Tourism Minister commenting on local sex tourism trends, however provoking a rebuke from Thailand. However, NGOs believed there were between 200,000 and 300,000 prostitutes."It has been suggested for example that there may be as many as 10,000 prostitutes on Ko Samui alone, an island resort destination not usually noted for prostitution, and that at least 10 percent of tourist dollars may be spent on the sex trade.

In 2015 Havocscope said that about US.4 billion dollars in annual revenue was being generated by the trade, a figure which accounted for 10 percent of Thailand's GDP.

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Not only had Haridasa chanted the holy name incessantly, but he had also preached the glories of the holy name far and wide. Mahaprabhu started kirtana, and Haridasa knelt before Him.Mahaprabhu appeared in a brahmana family, whereas Haridasa appeared in a Muslim family, but among all His devotees, Gauranga Mahaprabhu gave Haridasa Thakura the most important position .Since 1960, prostitution in Thailand has been de jure illegal.In regard to trafficking, Section 9 of the act states that, "Any person who procures, seduces or takes away any person for the prostitution of such person, even with her or his consent and irrespective of whether the various acts which constitute an offence are committed within or outside the Kingdom, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of one to ten years and to a fine of twenty thousand to two hundred thousand Baht."Additionally, any offense under Section 9 that is committed "by means of fraud, deceit, threat, violence, [or] the exercise of undue influence or coercion," results in a penalty that is "one-third heavier".

does not explicitly state that prostitution in Thailand is illegal, but Title IX, Section 286 of the Penal Code states: “Any person, being over sixteen years of age, [sic] subsists on the earning of a prostitute, even if it is some part of her incomes [sic], shall be punished with imprisonment of seven to twenty years and fined of fourteen thousand to forty thousand Baht, or imprisonment for life.” While penalties are not specified, the same section of the act penalizes any person who (i) is found residing or habitually associating with a prostitute, (ii) receives boarding, money or other benefits arranged for by a prostitute or (iii) assists any prostitute in a quarrel with a customer.Then the Lord personally went to beg Jagannatha prasada from all the shopkeepers for a great festival in honor of Haridasa Thakura’s departure, and He blessed everyone present at that festival to get love of God.By displaying such great love for Haridasa, Mahaprabhu showed that He did not consider anyone in terms of caste or creed.The Act was also written to address child prostitution, but lacks complete clarity, as it does not define what an "indecent act" is.