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He died at sea in 1810 and three years later his wife planted the oak trees on the Bell, known locally as the Collingwood Oaks, one so it is said, for every British ship that fought at Trafalgar. A new wood of oaks was planted in 2005 to commemorate the bi-centenary of the famous battle and a service of dedication was held to mark the occasion.

A plaque mounted on a fine stone pillar records the name 'Trafalgar Wood Admiral Lord Collingwood 1748-1810'.

After Trafalgar he was made a peer and awarded the title Collingwood had a great love of trees especially oaks, and was known to carry acorns in his pocket just ready to pop into the ground.

He knew better than most that oak was needed to keep the navy supplied with warships.

In 1342 its lands were reported to have been But it's no wonder that with two more centuries of carnage, plus the Battle of Flodden in 1513 that by the mid 1500s tenancies had declined as raids, disease and recession took their toll.

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Among the earliest known occupants of the valley were the Neolithic hunters and gatherers of some 4500 years ago.Those in the valley bottom can be easily visited by car or involve just a gentle stroll.However, the hillforts and the plane crash sites can only be visited on foot, some with quite steep climbs.The wood can be accessed through a wicket gate on the west side of the road.

Once a more populous place than now Hethpool in the Medieval period could boast a brewery, a chapel and a watermill.The Romans (AD79-AD410) had no direct impact on the valley though under their rule settlement building continued across the Cheviot landscape – and in the College Valley – a period termed by archaeologists as the Roman Iron Age.Nothing is really known of what went on afterwards in the 'Dark Ages' the early medieval days, however, by the late 1200s trouble and strife came to the people who lived here in the form of the Scottish raiders.Amid the beautiful scenery of the College Valley a wealth of history, some dating back thousands of years, is just waiting to be explored.