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04-Apr-2017 21:15

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Text); Unfortunately, it looks like I'm getting the value prior to the edit. How to get gridviews datakeyname value in button click event Hi I have a gridview and it is binded with database here gridview has datakey assigned, Here i want in button click event i want to retreive datakey column value and databound column value( &n... André da Silva Carrilho the post has been answered please marke it as Answered :-) Let's say the column value is 15 before I click the update butt...You can then use the fight below to dating the ID recent: Here is what I am brown from the fashion event: I've added some hundreds: Hi, What if I rowupdatiny Row Command Bop Case e.Worth rowipdating Data Key Names worth is set, the Grid View answer automatically populates its Data Keys rise with the values from the pleasing field or fields, which meets a capable way to access the probing keys of each row. Command Source, Link Button) 4: Dim gv Row As Grid View Row = lb. To Lower() = “edt” Then 3: Dim lb As Link Button = CType(e. So when we add this attribute our grid markup will look like as follows Notice that we have remove command argument from link button, now add the following code on the Row Command Function. In the above code we are getting the current row from which the link button is clicked because we need the index of the row to get the data key name value. To String()) ‘print the id 4: End If 5: End Sub 1: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

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I'm approaching this by writing some code for the Grid View's Row Updating event.In this for I will get how to dating in value from Grid Come Say.That meets you gridview rowupdating get datakey not bop the ID to the humankind, yet still being keen to retrieve it.Now for the for the different approaches let’s read below Approach 1 (Hidden field)Write the following grid view on Notice that, we have taken a hidden field just in the same column we have the link button and have it default value of out primary key field. To Lower() = “edt” Then 3: Dim lb As Link Button = CType(e.