Grub updating

23-Jun-2017 15:02

When running update-grub it erros with /boot/grub/new does not exist, and yes in the boot directory there is no directory 'grub', so created one as well as a new.This got the update-grub to at least write the file, and it shows in that file the menuentry for mint.Is there a way to install GRUB in the Master Boot Record from DOS or Windows XP, i.e. I installed solus along side linux mint, I have tried running sudo update-grub after reading the wiki for multibooting with solus, unfortunately this has had no effect.

Zero being the first entry in the grub splash screen, the number one being the next, etc. To have the viewable partitions begin at the base consider adding this partition last.Usually the post-MBR gap (after the 512 byte MBR region and before the start of the first partition) in many MBR (or 'msdos' disklabel) partitioned systems is 31 Ki B when DOS compatibility cylinder alignment issues are satisfied in the partition table.The latter had become too difficult to maintain and GRUB was rewritten from scratch with the aim to provide modularity and portability [1].