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02-Jul-2017 01:33

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Rather than partnering with someone you consider to be hot, consider partnering with your best pal with shared world views, interests, life goals, and so forth.I would bet that in the long term you'd be glad you did! How important do you think compatibility is for a long term relationship?Areas of agreement that partners will have dealt with will generally include: Successful marriages tend to be populated by partners who come to their marriage with pre-existing significant compatibilities (of personality, temperament, goals, etc.) that make it easier for them to reach agreement because they frequently end up wanting the same thing.They may share commonalities with regard to personality, temperament, or preferences for volatile or conflict-avoiding interactions, as well as goals, religious and ethical ideals, etc.By and large, partners in healthy marriages come to agree upon common agendas regarding the directions their marriage will take, and the way each partner will behave.These common agreements may never have been discussed, but they will be present implicitly in how each partner chooses to act.One has to wonder how they got together in the first place.When I ask these questions in therapy often couples will say it was the hot sex and attraction or perhaps some other factor that had a short term influence without really thinking through the long term consequences of their partner selection in terms of living a shared life together for decades.

"Please," "thank you" and "you're welcome," can go a long way in helping your partner remember that you respect and love him and don't take him for granted.2. Studies have shown that dullness can lead to dissatisfaction with a relationship. whatever it is, find something you enjoy doing together.4. In order to have productive arguments, keep these rules in mind: Don't call your spouse names. If you want your lover to do something and you're not sure he'll be agreeable, the quickest way to avoid a confrontation is to sweeten the deal.

What better predicts long term success and happiness in an intimate relationship is more about Think about it.

Long term relationships like marriages are partnerships in living.

Other background factors are also important, however.

Better marriages are reported by people who chose to marry later in life as opposed to younger, by people who recall being very intensely in love with their partners prior to getting married, and by people who maintain close family relationships and whose parents' approved of their marriage.

I'd venture that most of the couples who have have all those compatibilities just got lucky.

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