Harry styles dating rod stewart

08-Jun-2017 21:30

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But women are the grease, without them the engine doesn’t turn, and the engine was humming last night! Welcome to 2018, where we’re inundated with news but no one has their finger on the pulse. Oh, there are a lot of prognosticators, usually men, who tell you they have all the answers, but the truth is in today’s world no one does, it’s a veritable Tower of Babel, and if you weren’t in attendance last night, you’d have no idea how big Harry Styles is… Niall Horan may have more radio hits, but Harry is selling something more than music – sexiness, attraction, connection. Forget all the words you hear about dancing and production. And the music hearkens back to the past, do you remember MELODY? And Harry had some of Rod’s moves, with his hands up by his head, prancing, it was thrilling to watch. But Harry decided he would evolve, in both music and performance, and that’s a revelation. Who ran down the middle of the arena to a second stage in the middle of the show. They’re aware of their rock history, they know who Stevie Nicks is. But she was pounding like Mick Fleetwood, with flair. But boys wouldn’t know how to act around these girls/women. And you would have observed all this last night, if you’d been in the sold-out arena, where they even sold the seats behind the stage.

And there’s no internet chart, nothing that will tell you what is bubbling up, what is hot, where it’s all going. These are the same girls I saw at the Rose Bowl four years ago, but now they’re women, they’ve stuck with Harry, they not only know the old One Direction numbers, but the new ones too, they were there for a celebration. They were not begging for your attention, but turning on their magnetism and drawing you to them. Who could never outgrow their puppy love days and replicate them through lines in their face and heart failure. With their heads in the sky, when they weren’t pointing their phone cameras at Harry. They huddle amongst their peers and make snide comments, try to get up their gumption to speak, when all the girls want is a partner, not in crime, but in joy.

It’s not confirmed if Harry Styles truly is dating the 33-year-old, though some have questioned if the relationship could be all for show.

“Kimberly and Harry are just friends,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

One Direction's member Harry Styles got dinner with Rod Stewart and his family on Thursday night for unknowm reason, but sources claim that is might be some love feelings involved.

A report came out early Friday morning that claimed that Harry was "kissing and holding hands" with Rod's famous daughter, Kimberly.

The pair were romantically linked last month, when Harry was spotted dining out with Kimberly, Rod and Rod's wife Penny Lancaster in Los Angeles.

” Now in the fifth decade of his career, Rod has sold an estimated 150 million albums worldwide.

He has had 62 hit singles and has released 27 studio albums.

He’s young, good-looking and rich, therefore he can pretty much have any girl he wants.

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Of course, having sampled people his own age, he’s heading to double it.

"They weren't exactly hiding it — Rod was well aware what was going on and didn't seem to mind," an onlooker reported.

Harry, who was previously in a relationship with Taylor Swift, was reportedly spotted kissing Kimberly and holding her hand during the dinner in April. "They weren't exactly hiding it — Rod was well aware what was going on… continue reading »

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Just like Rod Stewart in the early days of the Faces. is dating the drummer. Harry Styles did not come off as sexist whatsoever.… continue reading »

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Rod Stewart really likes Harry, so it’s good PR for him.” If it’s true that Harry Styles is dating 33-year-old Kimberly Stewart, it would show he’s got a preference for older women. Styles just came off a brief but heavily reported relationship with 23-year-old Taylor Swift.… continue reading »

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