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01-Mar-2017 05:22

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I don’t want to call myself a victim, but I stopped reading anything about myself ever again after that,’ she says.Then, just as she turned 18, Panettiere’s parents split up. ‘And I didn’t want to hurt either of them, so for a long time I just avoided it all.’ Her mother still lives in Los Angeles, as does her brother, but her father has moved back to the Hudson Valley. Little wonder, then, that her relationship history features some significantly older beaus.‘I even developed insecurities about areas of my body that I never even thought to be self-conscious about.’ A shot of a 16-year-old Panettiere in a bathing-suit was published with a vicious and crude commentary.‘I was so traumatised, I developed an immediate insecurity about it.Panettiere sings regularly on screen and several tracks have been digitally released. I was young and constantly trying to emulate someone else,’ she says.She actually recorded a pop album as a teenager, but abandoned the project before release. ‘But I would love to make a country album of my own now.’ The 16-hour days that filming of Nashville demands are taking a heavy toll, however, as Panettiere laments.

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It upset me so much I didn’t wear shorts again for five years,’ she says.

‘There’s a real feeling of community and Southern hospitality,’ she says.

‘It feels much more genuine than LA and I have never had an easier time making friends.’ The city and the show have reinvigorated her passion for music.

It’s certainly true that with her perky blonde prettiness she perfectly resembles that icon of American high-school culture, straight out of central casting.

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Perhaps it was an ill-advised effort to shed her wholesome image that made Panettiere take on the contentious role of Amanda Knox in the television film Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy (2011).Hayden Panettiere bounds across the lobby of a deeply fashionable New York hotel.She waves and grins broadly before settling into an armchair and seizing the cocktail menu.‘When the image out there of you is so squeaky-clean, the only place you have to go is down,’ she notes.