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This coinage begins at an indeterminate time perhaps as early as about 290BC and dominated the bronze issues for perhaps 30 years or longer.We believe the earliest are the types with only letters or monograms to the left of the eagle (top row), likely begun under Ptolemy I and continued into the reign of Ptolemy II.It consists of only two coin: Sv554 (ALPHA/PHI control) and Sv564 (DELTA control - shown here), both diobols.None have central depressions seen on the later 'post-reform' series. The post-reform series (see below) appear to adopt mintmarks (club, cornucopiae, and/or monogram) with central depressions indicating a new method of manufacture.This includes the French, Chinese, English and Russian Governments, where billions were promised.With the remaining funds left over he plans to develop and create a high speed rail system for our country and develop new innovative businesses that could employ over 2 million people in the USA alone.And there are only two denominations in the subsequent slightly later series.

Later in 2006 a US District Court Judge mandated and ordered that these converted funds be returned back to Lee with interest accruals.22mm - 7.6gm Obol D - Sv186 DI - Sv188 A - Sv196 M/I - Sv202 S - Sv215 PI/Y - Sv220 PI/Y - Sv225 TI - Sv226 XA - Sv235 EP - Sv237 EY/KL - Sv356 EY/M - Sv360 EY/XAP - Sv363 EY/KI/XAP - Sv377 ST/KI/A - Sv379 28mm - 15.2gm Diobol Laureate Zeus Open-wing eagle left 'SIGMA' over Shield Control in eagle's legs: A/T - Sv553 PI/A - Sv556 A - Sv560 D - Sv563 E - Sv568 Th - Sv571 I - Sv576 L - Sv580 O - Sv586 RHO - Sv593 Y - Sv598 none - Sv600 PHI - known but not in Svoronos Alexandria Mint 28mm - 15.2gm Diobol Laureate Zeus Open-wing eagle left 'SIGMA' over Shield 'XP' under Shield Control in eagle's legs: PI/A - Sv557 A - Sv561 Th - Sv572 I - Sv577 L - Sv581 O - Sv587 G - Sv589 T - Sv594 K - known but not in Svoronos Possible Mint in Greece This series consists of three denominations of obol, hemiobol, and chalkous, all with Aphrodite portraits on the obverse.Some have control symbols on the reverse and may have partial legends or legends with the royal name at right.It’s hard to understand why, after eight years since this order was given by a US Judge, that these funds are still retained.

When Lee Wanta receives his funds back it will be in the amount of 32.8 trillion dollars.

The recent publication on early Ptolemaic bronze metrology shows that the coins with aplustre on the reverse are a previously unrecognized pentachalkon (5 chalkoi) denomination.

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