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The intestinal contents are excreted to the outside via a rectal valve that connects the gut to the rectum and anus.

The four enteric muscles that contribute to defecation are located around the rectum and posterior intestine (see Alimentary System Sections: Pharynx, Intestine and Rectum and Anus).

The intestine, which is the only somatic tissue derived from a single (E blast cell) lineage, is made of 20 cells arranged to form a tube with a central lumen.

All of these tissues are under an internal hydrostatic pressure, regulated by an osmoregulatory system (see Excretory System). The processes from most neurons travel in either the ventral or dorsal nerve cord and project to the nerve ring (NR) in the head which constitutes the major neuropil in the animal (Intro FIG 2C)(see Nervous System). The embryonic cell lineage of the nematode and other nematodes. Males arise infrequently (0.1%) by spontaneous non-disjunction in the hermaphrodite germ line and at higher frequency (up to 50%) through mating. Schematic drawing of anatomical structures, left lateral side. The vulva is another large opening on the ventral side at the midbody (Intro FIG 3D), and the anus forms another ventral opening, just before the tail whip (Intro FIG 3B). Self-fertilization of the hermaphrodite allows for homozygous worms to generate genetically identical progeny, and male mating facilitates the isolation and maintenance of mutant strains as well as moving mutations between strains. DIC image of an adult hermaphrodite, left lateral side. Dotted lines and numbers mark the level of each section shown in Intro FIG 2. Two cuticular inpockets form narrow openings at the lateral lips for the amphid sensilla (Intro FIG 4A and Intro TABLE 1). points to cytoplasmic material (tubule-associated material, TAM) within PDE (posterior deirid) neuron ending in the cuticle. The obliquely striated body wall muscles are arranged into strips in four quadrants, two dorsal and two ventral, along the whole length of the animal (Intro FIG 2A-F) (see Somatic Muscle System).

Smaller, nonstriated muscles are found in the pharynx and around the vulva, intestine and rectum (see Nonstriated Muscle System). Four cells situated on the ventral side of the posterior head make up the excretory system, which functions in osmoregulation and waste disposal. Among its many advantages for study are its short life cycle, compact genome, stereotypical development, ease of propagation and small size. The adult body plan is anatomically simple with about 1000 somatic cells. can also endure harsh environmental conditions by switching to a facultative diapause stage called the dauer larva which can survive four to eight times the normal 3-week life span (Cassada and Russell, 1975). These are situated within the lateral alae at the level of the excretory pore (Intro FIG4C and Exc FIG2B). On the lateral sides, the hypodermis is interrupted by the syncytial row of seam cells which form alae on the cuticle surface during certain developmental stages (Intro FIG 3C) (see Seam Cells).

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