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02-May-2017 09:19

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We won’t discuss each retrieval method in much detail in this topic.We’re more interested in the so-called default fetch plan and fetching strategies.■ The Hibernate Criteria interface, which provides a type-safe and object-oriented way to perform queries without the need for string manipulation.This facility includes queries based on example objects.

This is sometimes called a report query; it is more correctly called projection. ■ Outer joins when retrieving multiple objects per row.■ The Hibernate Query Language (HQL), which is a full object-oriented query language.The Java Persistence query language (JPA QL) is a standardized subset of the Hibernate query language.The default fetch plan and fetching strategy is the plan and strategy that applies to a particular entity association or collection.

In other words, it defines if and how an associated object or a collection should be loaded, when the owning entity object is loaded, and when you access an associated object or collection.Let’s go straight to the more flexible query options, HQL (equivalent to JPA QL) and Criteria. The Hibernate Query Language is an object-oriented dialect of the familiar database query language SQL.HQL bears some close resemblance to ODMG OQL, but unlike OQL, it’s adapted for use with SQL databases and is easier to learn (thanks to its close resemblance to SQL) and fully implemented (we don’t know of any OQL implementation that is complete).In this topic, we’ll show you how to retrieve objects from the database and how you can optimize the loading of object networks when you navigate from object to object in your application.

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