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There’s probably more proof to that proving the world is flat and if you sail to end of the ocean you fall of the planet.

The following is an exposure by writer Thamizhchelvan showing how Tamil language and society came under the manipulation of the art of inculturation…

), sandal mark on forehead and called himself a ‘Roman Brahmin’. Pope in uttering ‘Open Sesame’ to throw open the doors of the treasure-cave of Thiruvachakam to the cultured savants of the West stung the Tamils of their callousness and startled them into an awakening and appreciation of their past” (Praying for Mukti), which becomes an insult to Sage Maanickavaachakar.

He set up an “ashram” in Madurai, became a vegetarian and used “Pathukas” (wooden footwear). He explains: “Bhagwan Shiva presents himself before Sage Maanickavaachakar in the Temple at Thruthuraipoondi, blesses him and tells, “You embark on a and finally come to my abode Kailash.

It needs to be understood clearly that these priests learnt Tamil language and literature with an agenda and not out of love or passion or with an intention of contributing to the growth of the language.

So the church had another method of destroying the ancient traditions by Christianizing the traditional pagan festivals and legends.

Approving untouchability, he said in 1650, “A person need not disown his caste, creed and culture to become a Christian. Outwardly conducting himself like a Hindu sanyasi, he took care of the conversion business in the districts of Madurai and Thanjavur. This Protestant priest landed in Tranquebar (Tharangampaadi) in 1706 and worked with a Danish company which was the first to bring German printing machines to Tamil Nadu. Even while indulging in conversions, he often quarrelled with the Danish authorities who put him in jail for some time. His retrospection of married life leads him to keep contact with the Deva Dasis serving the Temple.

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