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29-Jul-2017 22:07

After the aesthetic and functional design of Mendeley it felt hard to use and I never did quite work out how to synch it properly. My digital life needed some order and routine so I turned again to Twitter with my wish list for a new reference manager. @vanderaj pointed out my wish list was unrealistic and suggested I try Papers2 for the Mac.

It may well have had something to do with my migration to Mac from PC and the digital chaos that ensued, but I quickly tired of fighting with the interface. It seemed that Zotero was destined to be my rebound reference manager love affair. While Zotero and Mendeley were free, Papers2 was , but there was a free trial for a month.

Your data is in the cloud, so no more data sticks and version control issues.

The interface is lovely and clean which was an unexpected bonus (I think it’s a pity that the aesthetics of software design for functional programs doesn’t often get that kind of treatment).

These days I would just ask Twitter what my options were, but back then such research was more random.

I think this story demonstrates how the choice of reference manager is deeply personal and contingent on a whole lot of factors.Mischief managed (this strategy works really well by the way, even if you don’t have to employ it from desperation). No students on the Ph D floor at the University of Melbourne had experienced anything like it.Those who eyeballed my tattered thesis looked horrified.I spent a day or so transferring my data and LOVED the way it renamed all my PDFs in a consistent format at the press of a button.

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