How to fool carbon 14 dating

07-Apr-2017 00:56

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There was a time in educated circles that it was considered a mark of ignorance to believe the Biblical record.In the early 20th century experts in the field of archaeology insisted that no civilization even existed in UR of the Chaldeans when the Bible records that Abraham lived there.As I am ever mentioning, the advances of science are constantly giving us a clearer view of the past even causing Mythology to become History as with the Trojan Wars, the legendary Helen of Troy, and the Trojan Horse. People enamored of my mythic art have asked me why I believe the Bible is the world's greatest book and aside from my controversial belief that the literal translation prepared from the Greek and Hebrew for the King James version was secretly re-written in perfect grammatical English by Shakespeare, here are my thoughts on and some illustrations from this, easily the most influential collection of sacred writings of all time to Western Civilization..."" In the last half of the 18th century the French philosopher and infidel Voltaire made the prediction that within 100 years the Bible and all Christianity would be completely forgotten.

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This prophecy predicted Palm Sunday - to the EXACT day!

The historical accuracy of the New & Old Testaments has been confirmed again & again by modern archeology.