Intelligent dating interracial

15-Aug-2017 01:42

This is evidence that what men and women look for in a mate diverges.Women apparently value intelligence in a mate—or perhaps the socio-economic rewards for intelligence—more than men do.As many women as men are born, and just about as many survive into adulthood.If people were confined to dating and marrying within their IQ range, there would have to be about an equal balance between the outcomes of men and women across the IQ bell curve.The disconnect doesn’t just emerge from Lapin’s preferences—it’s inherent in the data.In most of the western world, sex-ratios run about even.Why doesn’t this work the other way around—discounting intelligent men for their own “call option” and therefore benefiting less intelligent men?The answer must either be that less intelligent men are unwilling to date more intelligent women or more intelligent women are unwilling to date less intelligent men. Whatever the answer is, it is creating an unmet arbitrage opportunity—an overabundance of intelligent, single women and an over-abundance of less intelligent, single men.

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The ladies at The brought the subject up in a recent survey asking ten different men why so many smart men date “dumb girls.” I was one of the respondents.

To put it differently: when a publication like The Gloss asks “why smart men date dumb women,” it is asking the wrong question.

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