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26-Jan-2017 16:10

I was embarrassed to tell you I work additionally in a night shop to pay for the agency's service.The shop won't work for 2 months and I'm without additional work now.Could you pay for our correspondence, ****** Is it hard for you? It was so pleasant to get your letter, I liked it very much. You must have a great success among women:)I think you are a very interesting person and I'd like to know more about you. Hope, our correspondence will help us to know more about each other and such a special feeling will appear that we'll won't to overcome the thousands of kilometres and to meet each other. OK, here was a quick scam in progress from a girl posing as username Valusha28 on the site.I will try to find a second job to free you from these expenses. I never before got acquainted on Internet and that's why I'm a worried a little. But because we don't know each other at all I'll tell you a bit about myself. I graduated from The Pedagogical University and work as a psychologist at school. I just tried to look her up again and her profile was apparently removed already. In her first letter she "warned" me that she was using this dating agency called "Fortuneteller" for interpretation and so forth because she doesn't know English.

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I like to listen to different music especially classical and modern. Dear ******, I'm also interested to know why you decided to find a girlfriend in Interne and did you get acquainted like this before?From my point of view, a real love to a person- is a wish him a lot of happy. It seems to me that a main thing in the life- to do good, because evil, envy, intrigues, indifference to the people's pain will not allow us to achieve the success, to find happiness. People can warrant their existence by means of only one thing- it is LOVE!!!You asked me about my character, I think I'm kind, tender, caring, faithful, sexy, romantic.I noticed that it was the same as the agency I am now using to correspond with a lady.

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I have been corresponding with this lady Nataly for 1 month.Here's the first email I received from this lady and a few others please notice the same information cut and pasted to the false (fake name of Daniel) e-mail I sent to test the girl and agency.Notice it came the same day as she said she couldn't afford to write to me anymore.The e-mail to Daniel contains the same paragraphs as pasted in a few of my emails.