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The sellers will try and lure you to coming to see them just as long as you bring some money with you.

Then, in an elaborate web of false documentation and well-greased government individuals you will be quickly separated from your money and lucky to be allowed to leave the country.

The buyers are always shown samples, which are usually real gold.

But, when the actual consignment is sent, it will be only mud or sand.

Please take a minute to update your participation details.","event_detail_default_description":"The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs.And, of course, the seller can walk away at any point with virtually no risk of being caught as all contacts are via anonymous free webmail accounts accessed from Internet cafes and via prepaid mobile phones.A week does not go buy when we receive offers from some gold dealer in some African country.Tilaisuuksissamme kokoamme yhteen ylimpien p\u00e4\u00e4tt\u00e4jien haasteet sek\u00e4 palveluntarjojajien niihin tarjoamat ratkaisut, luoden liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia molemmille osapuolille.\n","finland_register_modal_title":"Rekister\u00f6idy tapahtumaan","finland_register_modal_submit_button_text":"Rekister\u00f6idy","finland_register_modal_agreement":"Rekister\u00f6itym\u00e4ll\u00e4 hyv\u00e4ksyn","finland_register_modal_terms_conditions":"K\u00e4ytt\u00f6ehdot","finland_register_succeed_modal_title":"Kiitos","finland_register_succeed_modal_heading":"N\u00e4hd\u00e4\u00e4n tapahtumassa","finland_register_succeed_modal_description":"Teid\u00e4t ohjataan mobiilipalveluun, jossa voit hallinnoida omia tietojasi tapahtumassa","finland_social_sharing_title":"Jaa tapahtuma","germany_default_description_text":"Die M\u00f6glichkeit, neue Ans\u00e4tze und innovative Ideen mit Ihren Branchenkollegen auszutauschen, ist wom\u00f6glich genau der entscheidende Impuls, der Ihr Unternehmen voran bringt.