Interracial dating askmen

29-May-2017 08:43

Sometimes I feel as though people use the cultural thing as an excuse as to why they can't/won't date outside their race.

Another one I've heard is that they're not attracted to "typical" African features, which I actually do not have.

Of course that wouldn't immediately deter me from dating someone of a different race, but it would be something I might worry about in the back of my mind if we hit it off.

Likely women that are writing you off immediately are doing so because they just aren't attracted to you, but citing cultural issues sounds less harsh. For reference, I'm a woman :)But yes, I get what your saying because I've heard the same stories as well.

It may explain the reason I've been able to successfully date pretty much every race.

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Trust me--black women are already the bottom of the totem pole; I've been informed as much through studies, surveys, and even here on Reddit.I'll also say that in my area in Canada there isn't really the same prejudice against black culture as there is in America. Sometimes I wonder if they way I put my words together seem masculine since I've had people assume I'm a guy on several occasions when conversing online.There are significantly less black citizens up here, but there isn't the same prejudice against them up here (unfortunately that prejudice is shifted to the native americans instead.) That sucks that you get the shaft from both sides. Or maybe it's the ambiguity in the words I choose... However, as a minority who has felt very marginalized at times while growing up, I will admit that I do feel more comfortable when someone is able to understand all of me (my cultural background and differences, and what it is like to live like me in this society) without explanation.