Interracial dating with black women

01-Mar-2017 16:51

What has resurfaced is a discussion on can someone be Pro-Black and date interracially.Very loaded question and topic, and ultimately speaking, it seems a lot of us discussing the topic don’t even have the same meaning or definition of terms.Woke or not, we need to understand the history and impact that interracial dating has on our community — and use that to guide us in having more nuanced, respectful, and evolving conversations around it.I find the movie — and Netflix show — “Dear White People” fascinating.But before that, Black love was disregarded and invalidated.Slaves found their own ways to uphold love and marriage traditions — most people are probably familiar with “jumping the broom,” which was a way for slaves to recognize their marriages to each other when they didn’t have the power to be officially recognized anywhere else.On an individual basis, the question is undoubtedly “no.” But this isn’t about what we individually feel — it’s about a society that’s so enraptured with white supremacy and anti-Black racism that we’re unable to have a community call-in about what these things mean for us.

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There’s no simple answer to whether or not we date outside of our race — it’s an individual decision that we are all entitled to make on our own.

The conversation of interracial dating in the Black community has been going on for decades, and will no doubt continue.

But it’s important that we make space to discuss the ways that colonization, desirability, misogynoir, and anti-Black racism work to oppress those within the Black community.

Often, this is where things become messy — POC and white folks alike can move to dodge accountability and say that this is simply a “preference,” which discounts and trivializes the very real effects of white supremacy and colonization in the lives of Black and other people of color.

Not to mention that anti-Blackness is so embedded in our society that Black women are constantly deemed the “least attractive and desirable” of all women.From There are plenty of Black folks who have non-Black partners who are committed, loving, pro-Black individuals. But just as it’s not fair to demonize anyone who has a non-Black spouse, it’s a disservice to say that interracial dating should be upheld over having partners from the same community as you.t’s when we absolve ourselves from being held responsible for upholding white supremacy in our love lives, or we use interracial dating as a way to expose anti-Blackness, that it becomes toxic.And it gets even more complicated when we try to connect interracial dating to the social justice work that many of us are involved in.

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