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28-Jun-2017 16:08

You want to make an impact in China, but it can be an intimidating and bewildering place for newcomers and old-hands both.Likewise for Chinese companies taking their first steps abroad.They are two completely different linguistic systems that share very little vocabulary with European languages.I know of two exams that attempt to measure this level of proficiency – HSK-6 and the NAATI Professional Translation Exam.

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We can check your content and advise on how to approach your translation, pointing out sections and ideas that might not resonate with the Chinese reader and helping you change them, so you know you’ll get a translation, that truly creates value and ROI, rather than just costing money.I have also edited and combined various questions to make the interview flow better.Before we start the interview, I’d like to address two things.Ideally, you should have very good reading comprehension skills in the language you are translating from, and a native command of the language you are translating into.