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Dockett tweeted out on June 30, “Dear @nfl we have to many rules!!! It seems the NFL is always out seeking new ways to strip away their players’ swagger.

On a more serious and less incredibly sarcastic note, the Baltimore Ravens Chris Canty, along with three other players, have legitimate cases to keep their hulking masks. Canty had to undergo several surgeries over the coming months and was informed that a poke in the eye during a football game could force him into early retirement. I can’t help it that other guys think it’s cool and they want to wear it, too.

The NFL’s Twitter account (@NFL) has yet to respond or at the very least favorite Dockett’s tweet.

If the National Football League has any sense of humor, they may change their minds upon seeing Dockett’s latest Instagram video on the matter.

With multiple styles of Schutt's big grills, such as the big grill, big grill 2.0, and the big grill villain, you can get all that facial protection you want while intimidating the opponent.

With the multiple styles of the Xenith Pro series including the Predator, Prime, Prowl, Pursuit and Pride facemasks, the demand has never been higher for a top of the line facemask!

With the demand to be quicker and more agile while not sacrificing strength is rising in football, titanium masks have become increasiningly popular.

Titanium facemasks are drastically lighter than standard carbon steel masks while maintaining elite strength and durability.

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Endzone sports stocks a huge variety of facemasks in all different styles and colors that are waiting in our warehouse to be shipped to you at once to be ready for gameday!

Personally, it's about the only time I dress anymore. However, I've yet to meet a girl who has been out five times or more - and maintained such an opinion.

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Canty was actually the first to sport it, as the new facemask and visor cover combined to give his eyes permanent protection. In 2005, with only days before the NFL Combine, Canty was struck in the eye with a beer bottle. Recently questioned about the new league rule, Canty had this to say to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. It’s a necessity for me.” We don’t believe he was calling out Darnell Dockett with that “other guys” statement, but yes it certainly does look cool.

“Not sure what the memo or new policy is, but it’s simple for me. Eye would be at risk.” Although he never officially filed for a patent or even pitched his creation on ABC’s Shark Tank, he came up with the idea and shouldn’t be stripped of his right to wear it because other players model it as a fashion statement. Canty will have to tediously apply once more to get medical exemption from the new regulation.on Friday that non-standard face masks will be prohibited. An exception applies to players who can demonstrate a medical reason for the additional protection. In a league that discourages individuality to the point that the players look like robots, the league frowns upon accessories that make them look too robotic.The ban includes players like Colts linebacker Robert Mathis, Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett, Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck, and Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty, who wore his extra-thick cluster of bars on Thursday night in Tampa. I will return to my run of the mill grill,” he wrote.