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In addition, Irish craftsmen developed a flourishing metal industry, fashioning a variety of gold, bronze and copper objects.This era also witnessed a significant growth in trade between Ireland and Britain, as well as Northern Europe including Germany and the Nordic countries.This High Cross sculpture represents Ireland's major sculptural contribution to the history of art.The ringed High Crosses fall into two basic groups, depending on the type of engravings and relief-work displayed.The fourth great achievement of Irish art was religious stonework.During the period 750-1150, Irish sculptors working within monasteries created a series of Celtic High Cross Sculptures which constitute the most significant body of free-standing sculpture produced between the collapse of the Roman Empire (c.450) and the beginning of the Italian Renaissance (c.1450).

Please contact our Editor.• Celtic metalwork art produced in Ireland is first exemplified by items like the Petrie Crown (c.100 BCE - 200 CE), and the Broighter Gold Collar (1st century BCE), and by the later Tara Brooch (c.700 CE).In addition to their role as centres of religious devotion and Christian art, they invested significantly in ecclesiastical icons, such as the above-mentioned chalices (Derrynaflan, Ardagh), shrines and processional crosses, the production of which required the maintenance of a busy forge and blacksmithery, and the retention of numerous craftsmen.Finally, as well as a busy scriptorium (for illuminated manuscripts) and forge (for precious metalwork), from around 750 onwards monasteries also paid for an important program of biblical sculpture which was to become the next great achievement of Irish art.This superb example of Irish Stone Age art was built between c.3300-2900 BCE: five centuries before the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, as well as the Stonehenge stone circle in England.