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02-Jul-2017 12:04

The couple last starred together in 2008’s smash hit film, which follows a hotelier (Meryl Streep) preparing for her daughter’s wedding in Greece – but her daughter has secretly invited three men from her mother’s past in the hope she will meet her real father and give her away on the big day.The film featured the music of Swedish pop ‘factory’ ABBA and their infectious blend of Scandinavian pop and heartfelt, often tragic lyrics. will see Dominic Cooper (Sky) reunite with Amanda Seyfried (Sophie), the on-screen couple who actually became a real life couple when they met in 2008 and split three years later in 2011.Speaking to The Times Cooper, 39, said: ‘I think it will be fine working with Amanda again.I haven’t spoken to her for a while, but we always remained friends.

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I think it’s always like, 'I’m so in love with this person, so that person must be so in love with her too'."I’d guess he assumed Dominic is in love with me the way he’s in love with me. We split about three years after the movie came out and after we split we became really close friends.

Dominic added: ‘It was a very turbulent, but enjoyable, happy time and part of life.