Is dating someone younger than you bad

30-Apr-2017 14:07

Unless of course the difference in attitude is obvious.

What I mean is, if He were all mature and looking for a very stable relationship, in which he could see a future with you, and stablishing a family, etc.

It's been going great because surprisingly we have a lot of life experiences, etc in common despite the age difference but a part of me is a little intimidated by the fact that he is 7 years older than me. I know a multitude of 16 year olds who are far more mature than 20 year old college kids.

A person's age may imply a few things but that's it, it's just an assumption.

Some background on my situation: I'm 20, but more "mature" for my age -- I'm a recent college grad with my Bachelor's, working 9 to 5, living on my own and making a comfortable living. At this stage in my life I'd be wary of dating anyone who wasn't at least in their late 20's.

We've gone on a couple dates and get along great, but I feel a little inhibited by my age since he's quite older than me. Edit: Also sharing any stories and experiences would be interesting to me :)The older you get, the less it matters. I'm already pretty well accomplished at a wide variety of things. She's beautiful and we have a lot in common, but I politely turned her down because I feel like there is a stigma to dating a girl who is just graduating from high school.

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not genetic grandma), and it matters a lot less because they've been through a lot more of the life hurdles. My family all loves him, and at the end of the day his age means little to nothing to me. Monogamy from a young age is possible, but most who try it eventually end up contracting a case of the "I want some strange"! I guess after the 20yo-barrier age doesn't really matter. Going out isn't an issue that's come up yet, as he is sober and I don't drink anyway. Generally, they're just learning to cook, to play a sport, or other things. I"m turning 23 next weekend, and I was asked out by a girl from my gym who has just recently turned 18. He's 27, just about to graduate university after a hiatus caused by a crazy adventurous life. Not looking to waste my time on people who don't know who they are or what they want. Often, they're either in college (on their parents' dollar, who won't approve of my dating their daughter), or working a full time job (no time for me and don't have a degree or are as learned as I am, which can hurt conversation).My actualy boyfriend and I have been dating for five months now. At first, when we started having interest in each other, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep on seeing him.

What I thought was that there were too many problems like: Now, five months into this relationship, many of these “problems” faded away and I enjoy my time with him without thinking about how this can continue without issues between us.I'm 23 and I won't date somebody who is 18. I'd hesitate to date a 17 year old because, you know, it's slightly illegal. You're 20; dating a 15-year old is likely to get you put on a sex offender registry.You're at totally different stages of your life at that time. Also, I feel as if there's a certain stigma associated with me, a professional school student, dating a high schooler. Edit: apologies, read to quick and skimmed over you being the lady.I noticed there are also some pros in dating someone older like better sex and a greater sense of trust.

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