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"Playing Randy Simpkins When Dean saw the script, he recognized an incredible story he wanted to be part of."As a parent, you see a situation like this, and it's a very familiar feeling.I go on and meet with them, and sometimes it is something I get."I think anyone who says they have it wired, probably doesn't, and that's what's so wonderful about this business.You can never really have it 100% together, so I'm looking for anything that moves me any way: writing, directing, producing, acting, you name it.I could read a script and know I could direct it in a heartbeat because I see it, and I know how to tell the story.Other times, I might think, 'I'd hate to direct that, but I want to play that character because I really get that.;"There are roles I don't really get, but people come to me for them, and I tell them I don't think I'm the right guy.

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"I watched the film with my son and he really pays attention.After The Way Home, he's saying 'I'm staying close to you.'"After seeing me on camera crying, it makes it very personal for him, and he asked me if I would do that if he were missing. My father and mother were rarely gone, and it was tremendously helpful to have that sort of support system, and I want that for my son.I said, 'Honey, I'd do that all day every day if you were missing.'"Family Values Dean's family values come naturally. So I'll go focus and do my job and then get my tail back there to be with him."I try to get my work, my scheduling, with respect to what he's doing in school or with sports and other things. So I'll finish work, get on a plane and take off."When I'm at work, I want to work.I don't know if that makes it easier or a little more difficult.

Although she is not currently seeing anyone. “My daughter is older and it feels like there is more energy right now to. Teri Hatcher Dating Again.… continue reading »

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