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02-Apr-2017 07:11

Unfortunately for them, all their usernames and passwords have been leaked, FORBES understands.

Earlier this week, I was contacted by Troy Hunt, MVP and owner of, a website that sucks in email addresses from significant breaches so users can quickly check whether their data was compromised.

He also found his own email address in the database.

It appeared someone had registered an account in Hunt's name and could do so because 000Webhost didn’t do any validation using the email.

That customer hadn’t responded to my requests for comment.

But Lewis Kimber, a UK-based computing student based in York, said he'd been given the same warning on the two accounts he had with 000Webhost.

It's unusual for senior bankers to quit this close to bonus time. It's been a particularly bad year in European equity derivatives, as highlighted by the chart from Deutsche Bank itself below.

Money aside, why is Leake leaving a role where he's global head to become regional head at Goldman?

That was despite the warning that 13 million customers’ usernames and passwords may have leaked.

The company, however, has been almost impossible to engage in any dialogue about a possible breach.

Over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, FORBES made numerous attempts to contact 000Webhost through its online form - the only obvious way to make contact.

Hunt informed me he’d been contacted by an anonymous source who’d passed along a database allegedly belonging to 000Webhost, containing usernames and passwords ostensibly belonging to just more than 13.5 million users.

They didn't appear to have been leaked online before and the database looked legitimate, piquing Hunt's interest.

With the bank valiantly trying to cut costs, the expectation is that cash bonuses at Deutsche will be cut to nothing this year.

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