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03-Jul-2017 16:49

If there was ever a chance for Roi to come to America and speak, we would love to have him!!! ...just bought Netafim drop system for our gardens and are always searching for israeli goods to buy here in Switzerland! We also pray for your soldiers, the most friendly army in the whole world!!!

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I salute you & continue the good works for you are doing it for the Lord and not for men... Be blessed I am the principal of Judaic studies of a large yeshiva in Teaneck, NJ. Rabbi Harvey HOrn World wake up and listen carefully every word Roy Kackon says!!!

Not not the Jews, not the nation of Israel against which the foisting of libels, canards and slander to instigate worldwide anti-Semitism as is being done wherever islam reaches critical mass from universities to governments.

The infiltration by converts to islam used as ballasts against America is the issue.

Apply the same standard to Arabic, which is everywhere in Israel if you want everyone to speak Hebrew. Is this geared towards an audiance of male high school children? Kaikon needs to shout out how the rich arab oil states withhold money and finical help/assistance from their palestinian brethren deliberately so that they remain poor, angry and agitate against Israel!! beautiful video but now he must go further and say what no Israeli dares to say about the RICH OIL STATES NOT SHARING THE OIL WEALTH THE REAL REASON THE "CRISIS" IN THE M. after all, Israel has always been and will always remain the centerpiece of world civilization, being the focal point of God's redemptive plan for Jews and Gentiles alike all over the world!

I am not quite sure why that line should be synonymous with being a proud Israeli, unless part of being a proud Israeli is not have tolerance for other Jews, that have been speaking Yiddish and or Ladino, 100s of years before Modern Hebrew came into existence. They are so loaded with oil wealth and they don't share that wealth with their economically disadvantaged neighboring states; Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan and of course the "poor" palestinians who are filled with anger jealousy and hate and indeed the palestinians HAVE a country it's called Jordan.. His pride in being an Israeli is inspiring ; his unwillingness to make excuses for what he is to be commended.

Althought some differences are there, we both believe in the G-d of Abraham in our background.

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