Itunes song play count not updating dating dos and don ts

07-Feb-2017 23:07

Yesterday I listened to 5 albums on my i Pod, in the following order: However, when I plugged the i Pod into my PC, i Tunes only showed that I had played the last 2 albums (Led Zeppelin, Underworld) and it was as if the other albums hadn't played (their Last played dates were back in 2010). Why doesn't i Tunes respect my diverse taste in music?Edit: I have since upgraded to i Tunes and I am still seeing this issue, so I am now offering a bounty to anyone who can help me solve this.In this article, we share with you an easy way to copy i Phone music to i Tunes with ratings and play counts. Wondershare Tunes Go (Windows) is the tool that we're going to use to transfer songs from i Phone to i Tunes with music ratings and play counts.It's a professional tool which is specially designed for users to transfer music between i OS device and PC.I have an i Pod classic (160GB) which I sync with i Tunes using automatic syncing.Generally, when I plug the i Pod into my PC via USB, all of the Play count and Last played statistics update properly.

You can delte photos easily,transfer photos from i Phone and transfer pictures to i Pad.If you copy music to a local folder on your computer, then you'll lose the music rating and play counts.See how easy it is to transfer music to i Tunes Library with music rating and play counts.Mac owners will already know the supplementary power of scripts with i Tunes, and we previously covered how to use scripts available on Windows.