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In 1945, Esquire had also nearly lost its permit for the same reason as Hefner did – the publication of nude shots of women – and became more conservative as a result – but Hefner took his case through the Washington courts, and won.Hefner reminds me a great deal of Lawrence, who is my literary hero.

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In 1960, Penguin Books, which had published DH Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, was prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act; seven years earlier, on the other side of the pond, Hugh Hefner was refused the special rate postal permit to transport Playboy which, on the cover of its first edition, featured Marilyn Monroe.

I discover the twins are lurking somewhere when a lady approaches the PR and whispers that the twins require assistance in the drawing room.

Maybe they need help with pumpkin carving practice, a traditional Mansion Halloween activity that will feature in the series and about which Crystal wrote about on her blog.

The life of a Bunny seemed a world of sophistication and freedom a long way away.

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The not-so-glamorous life of the Bunny Girls was exposed by the feminist writer Gloria Steinem in 1983, and also, most recently, by Hefner's ex-girlfriend Izabella St James, in her book Bunny Tales – Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion.There wasn't a moment in my childhood when I dreamt of being a princess.Nor did I sit and daydream about the day I would walk down the aisle in a meringue with the man of my dreams. What I wanted to be when I grew up, more than anything, was a Bunny Girl.Maybe it was not too late to fulfil my Bunny aspirations.