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04-Apr-2017 06:50

We can no longer view the users who viewed our profile without paying. Anything is better than being charged for no service rendered.You guys are letting greed drive your app into the dirt. This app’s name explains exactly the description of the app! If you’re not fixing the app, why ask us to pay for it??Things still don’t work, and after all these failed updates... After all, you’re making good money off of our data usage.Especially with all the spam bots infested throughout the app.I am working very hard to make sure things like this never happen again.

Use your Jackd Twitter and Jackd Support Twitter and facebook to communicate bugs, outages of key functionalities, and restorations instead of just marketing and promoting social LGBT causes, models, & advertisers.I’ve used this app for a very long time but all things must come to an end when no longer useful & in your field, another company is always willing to fill the void or is going to be invented to fill the void.Emails to support were useless, tweets were useless, earlier revieqs useless, and an email to Mark Girolamo was useless so, user Lrogeroc signs off permanently in a few days. This app’s name explains exactly the description of the app! If you’re not fixing the app, why ask us to pay for it??Please accept my apologies, there was a breakdown in our QA department I am the new CEO and I am so sorry this happened.

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A NEW RELEASE IS PENDING APPLE APPROVAL TO FIX THIS.-The program, when open, makes my phone completely unresponsive until the app crashes.I still cannot understand how the developers are unable to write a working app.There are many dating apps, both gay & straight, but I’ve never seen one that is SO terrible.

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