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23-Jun-2017 21:24

The first verse (Genesis 1:1) what we call the Protoverse, is the primary template used to decipher the codes of the Bible.

The fact that a 3 and 7 pattern is seen in the very first verse is what propelled the new science of theistic mathematics.

When practiced according to the strict parameters of the scientific method, science can produce unassailable achievements of empirical truth.

The academies of science, however, have been perceived by many today to be fortresses of secular materialism.

What could be more fundamental than a double 3 and 7 pattern seen in Genesis 1:1 and a 3 and 7 pattern seen in blood on the Shroud of Turin.

These two most important evidences of history both reveal powerful 3 and 7 prime patterns.

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I did so only after uploading around 100 pages of evidence of a code that ran throughout the Scriptures, a numerical cipher I named the Three Seven Code. Critically, the most telling aspect of the Three and Seven on the Shroud of Turin is that these two numbers unite all the other numbers and numerical secrets of the Bible.Theologically the 3 clearly represents the Trinity and the 7 days of creation.Scientifically, the primary meaning of the THREE SEVEN CODE is the GOLDEN RATIO also known, as the Divine Proportion.If one looks carefully you can see the modern symbols for the numbers 3 and 7 prominently on the Shroud of Turin. The two primary bloodstains on the head of the man in the Shroud.

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These two Biblically significant numbers, appear, not just anywhere, but in the portrait, in the 'head-shot' of the man. They could have been on his ankles or on his back, but they are not.

HOWEVER, The great wonder of the Three Seven Code is that it can be understood!