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Grubman, who was dressed in a black turtleneck sweater and tight, dark bluejeans. K., we totally have-not totally, to a degree -we have different lists, and when we put them …” “No, no, excuse me. I think she was trying to explore a lot of different options … I never asked her over the phone if she wanted to merge with me.” Ms. But the scene was of an entirely different sensibility: sushi buffets, gospel-choir entertainment and 1,400 media types in their 20’s. Siegal, dressed in black pants and a shimmery suit jacket, left for the opera. Grubman, surrounded by a coterie of young friends who were sneaking cigarettes, remained behind. Grubman, who was wearing a black sweater tank top and black pants and was sitting on the edge of the temple’s platform next to her colleague Ally B. The doctor says it comes from lifting or working out, neither of which I do! Grubman pointed out that they are doing another New Line premiere, Love and Basketball , in April. Asked about this during a joint phone interview, Ms. Grubman, who said, “From my understanding, during all that stuff, she was planning on being out of town.” Ms. Enter Peggy Siegal, who throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s dominated the turf of New York movie premieres. Siegal’s discerning taste and up-to-date mailing lists included the likes of Nora Ephron and 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt, and, more recently, Gwyneth Paltrow’s family. Siegal’s personal hands-on style of doing business may have lost a bit of ground to the corporate-backed package deals the new P. Siegal had recently been on a chartered cruise arranged by New Line chairman Robert Shaye. Ancarola, pointing out that all of the other local club owners have stopped by his restaurant for dinner or drinks since he opened. Sasson hasn’t stopped by once, breaking an unofficial code of ethics. The next day, a building inspector hit Tavern with a stop-work order and refused to grant it a permit to open the Friday of Memorial Day weekend–a blow-out night that typically rakes in huge profits during the short summer season–because the club had not gotten the correct permit to alter the building. as his lawyer for a case with the buildings department, which is ongoing. It’s been the biggest thorn in our side.” According to Mr. Sasson often stopped by to check out renovations to the former Chinese restaurant. He feels threatened by the fact that when we open, he’s going to lose some of his customers, who would rather go to a mellow lounge,” said Mr. “My motivation is to check out the competition,” said Mr. “If it’s just a restaurant and lounge, I was misinformed by other people that it was generated to be a nightclub. “He seems to work overtime on other people’s businesses rather than focusing on his own,” said Mr. “He’s the type of guy who will look you in the eye and say it wasn’t him, and after you shake him down a bit, he’ll say it was him.” “The thing that nightclub owners in the Hamptons don’t like about Andrew is that he’s not a supportive guy,” said Mr. Sasson was that he tipped off the town’s building department to the fact that Tavern didn’t have the right permits for minor renovations in May. Sasson stopped by Tavern to check out the improvements, which included a cement window box in front. As a result, he said, “People are assuming that we’re trying to be a nightclub and we’re totally not. Sasson admitted to having had a meeting with the Southampton town attorney, David Gilmartin Jr., in May to complain that Jet East, which is located in a residential area, was under heavier scrutiny than clubs like Tavern and Cabana, which are in a commercial area on Route 27–essentially raising a red flag on the other night spots. Seated at a banquette at Balthazar on a snowy March afternoon, publicist Lizzie Grubman was remembering a previous joint effort with Peggy Siegal, her brand-new business partner.“She did the majority of the work for Two Guys and a Girl at Moomba,” said Ms. “I got her the location and that sort of stuff-“ “That was Jimmy Toback,” interrupted Ms. “Yeah, of what we could do.” A week into the newly formed Lizzy Grubman Public Relations-Peggy Siegal Company, the two women were eagerly making the point that theirs was the best formula in the best of all possible worlds. Grubman, a dark-rooted 29-year-old with a successful 3-year-old public relations company and a Rolodex full of music and nightclub clients (Britney Spears, Quincy Jones, Tommy Mottola) would join forces with Ms. “Peggy used to be the only game in town for premieres,” said a former Peggy Siegal employee.

’ And that’s when we knew that the two of us should be doing something together.” “She knew something I didn’t know,” said Ms. “She knew to totally embrace the controversy, which is gonna make everybody want to come, and I knew instantly, when she said that, that she was absolutely right.” Like the media and entertainment industries, public relations-and especially its most high-profile element, special events-has fallen prey to consolidation fever. had been handled by her company.) He claimed that Mr. Sasson in May to discuss Jet East’s new site plan, but they didn’t discuss the other clubs. So far, the Grubman incident has had a relatively minor impact on the Hamptons nightlife scene (the increased scrutiny has prompted Mr. In the meantime, he could use the support of fellow club owners on July 19, when he’ll present Jet East’s 0,000 renovation plan, which consists of changes he’s forced to make following last summer’s neighbor-appeasing settlement–some of which will backfire on the neighbors, such as the addition of 150 parking spaces essentially circling a residential property, which would be put in to compensate for getting cars off North Sea Road. J., but had given him a chance to work on his night off from Jet East last summer. “I don’t make telephone calls to tell on people.” Mr. Sasson, which he thinks might be why Cabana hasn’t yet gotten its certificate of occupancy. He implied that it would be a nightclub, when in fact it will be a relatively sedate restaurant and lounge.

Sasson met with his staff at Jet East and warned them that Cabana would be a client-poaching competitor. Flanagan to refresh his staff on parking procedures and safety issues), but club owners agree that it’s nothing like the negative changes Mr. “It used to be a country atmosphere, and [the nightclub owners] try to adhere to that,” said Mr. “He takes it a little too seriously for what it is.

She beats to her own drummer; that’s why she’s so good at what she does.” Ms. Grubman because she wanted to “diversify and expand and ultimately be involved in a different generation.” “It is weird,” said Jake Spitz, a former employee of the Peggy Siegal Company who last year co-founded his own company, Network P. Lizzie has the bicoastal thing down, the young generation down, and I think she understands press. “She’d be working with someone, and try and go over their head,” said a former employee. Siegal denied industry rumors that, prior to shaking hands with Ms.

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