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Kate doesn’t have feelings for John, but she agrees to enter into a relationship with him in order to help his former girlfriends get revenge. Kate’s pretty and nice, but she’s not the most popular girl in school, and getting the star of the basketball team to notice her isn’t easy. She’s friendly and clever, but she needs some prompting to come out of her shell. Britney Snow has been in a big blockbuster hit, the movie "Hairspray". Before Brittney became a star, she appeared in a Mc Donalds commercial.In the movie, Kate is a shy school girl who just moved from another city.And Jesse Metcalfe was 28 years old during filming. One day during filming, the four leading ladies covered the set in topless magazine pictures of Jesse Metcalfe for a joke.As a girl who has dated a "John Tucker" or two, I have to say this movie was awesome.

John Tucker thinks he can date girls from different cliques so they won’t ever run into each other, which obviously isn’t possible. That getting a makeover is the way to get a guy to fall for you. That is not an appropriate response to any situation. That having estrogen makes you have ~*f Ee Li Ng S*~ and stuff. Granted, hormones can make you go up and down, but this whole thing makes it seem like a bad thing to have emotions. In the movie, Kate is super inexperienced (which is totally fine!

Released in 2006, it was about three girls who found out they were all dating the same guy and started working together to exact their revenge on him.

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They get revenge by getting a new girl to pretend to fall in love with him.

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The movie is hilarious, but there are also a lot of things we can actually learn from it!But he found walking through a set of 50 extras in a red thong scarier than bungee jumping. Bush related to her eco-friendly character so much that she ended up buying a hybrid car and investing in energy-saving lightbulbs after filming ended. The women were up until 2am filming the scene that took place in a boat on the ocean.25. When they first got their roles, Ashanti taught Snow how to walk like a cheerleader.28. thought it would be funny to name himself after what he considered a terrible movie.30.Bush said that she and Snow were the only people who weren't nervous about their kissing scene. Jenny Mc Carthy, who plays Brittany Snow's mother, is only 14 years older than her IRL.31.However, it’s obvious this was a completely gratuitous scene.

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