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"The king did marry his own daughter, princess Sit-Amun, and made her his great royal wife as Tiy became more elderly," Bryan said.

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“When we look at the college student population, this is kind of an isolated world.” Barnes-Hoyt said the campus bubble amplifies the challenges that face would-be active bystanders and survivors of any age. Or the friend that’s trying to intervene shares the same social groups,” Barnes-Hoyt said. Bryan and a graduate student, Fatma Talaat Ismail, were clearing a portion of the platform of the temple of the goddess Mut in Luxor, an area dating to about 700 B. The statue's back pillar was unearthed first and led Bryan to believe briefly that it dated from a far later period, since an inscription there was clearly made in the 21st Dynasty, about 1000 B. She said she theorizes that perhaps this statue is of the great Queen Tiy, wife of Amenhotep III and mother of the so-called heretic king Akhenaten, who came to the throne as Amenhotep IV but later changed his name because of his rejection of the god Amen in favor of the sun disk Aten. E., was uncovered earlier this month by the expedition's director, Betsy Bryan, Johns Hopkins professor of Egyptian art and archaeology. The statue, which was lying face down in the ground, appeared to have been used as building rubble, Bryan said. "The statue, however, when it was removed, revealed itself as a queen of Amenhotep III, whose name appears repeatedly on the statue's crown," Bryan said.Research on this highly detailed and exquisitely worked large-scale statue is only beginning. The crew shares its work with the world through "Hopkins in Egypt Today," an online diary featuring images by university photographer Jay Van Rensselaer and captions by Bryan, detailing the day-to-day life on an archaeological dig. The site will be updated to include details of this new find.