Jonas and lucy dating

17-Mar-2017 19:53

And so when I got the call, and they were like “Nick is doing this music video off his new album, and we want you to be part of it,” I listened to the song. [So when I arrived at the shoot], my makeup artist was like, “What did you do to your legs? They had to keep coming into the shower to cover up the bruises because I was bruised all over. It’s so hard because I wanted to share with everyone what I was working on, but we had to be hush-hush, even with the song. But I was like, “Shay, if you’re going to be playing the character in this movie, you HAVE to watch the trailer.” The movie will be so scary.

Right away, I was like, “I don’t care if I’m in the video or not, but this is my new favorite song.” It’s so good. And when he described to me how he saw the vision of the video to be, it’s like a mini-movie. ” They had to put so much body makeup on me to cover the bruises.: Wait, but what about the shower scene? So I go from Emily, to, you know, Nick’s girl in this video.: How long ago was this that you shot the video? And I watch it [when it comes out]; I’ve heard people who played in scary movies say that it’s not as scary when you’re acting in it, when you have 200 crew members in it. But yes, this is an exciting week — with more fun stuff to come always.

The episode Show Me the Money shows that Robin actually has a substantial amount of money kept in reserve before he manages to lose it all to the Sheriff, a fact which is never mentioned again.

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on Wednesday, it turns out that the duo have had this one prepared for a while."We shot this video about a year ago, in August," Shay told us about the clip, which has a simple but gorgeous premise.

She made her Bollywood movie debut in 2003 in the film Hero but her breakout role came in 2004 thriller Aitraaz.She said: "Somewhere among biryani, poutine and endless conversations, I realised just how deeply Meghan Markle cares for the world. "Every choice made at this wedding by you both will go down in history, not just because it was your wedding but because this incredible wedding stood for change and hope.“With her, what you see is real, and what you get is a relatable young woman with her heart and mind in the right place." Priyanka also shared a touching Instagram post on the day of the Royal Wedding which read: "Every once in a while there is a moment when time stands still..happened today.. Priyanka has starred in a number of top-grossing Indian films and won a National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in the 2008 film Fashion.Of course, given the nature of the song — which Shay says is her new favorite — our couple has to reunite eventually, and when they do..we have to say is, ": How did the collaboration come about with Nick? And the funny thing is, I don’t even watch scary movies!

Shay Mitchell: I knew Joe Jonas, but I’d never met Nick in person. I only had 3 and a half hours to shoot it, and that was the only time it was going to work. So watching the trailer of the idea for this movie was so difficult for me.

Their older brother Kevin Jonas, 30, also joined them, though his wife Danielle Jonas was missing from the festivities.

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