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The home language was Punjabi, which Parminder still speaks fluently.She attended Northfield House Primary School, and then moved on to Soar Valley College, where she played viola in the youth orchestra and began to act in theatrical productions.

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Nominations and awards began to pour in, including FIFA’s ‘International Football Personality of the Year’, which had never been awarded to a woman.

She said yes, and was soon rehearsing as a chorus member for a musical called Nimai, which was performed at the Leicester Haymarket.

A week into rehearsals the leading actress dropped out, and Parminder was recruited to take her place.

Parminder has had to manage this character development under the gaze of millions of viewers, and she has done so triumphantly. Next month she will be returning to ER for another year –22 episodes in 9 months-- and she is also considering various film roles and working on projects of her own devising.

We shall cheer her on, and today’s ceremony will also allow us to assist her in one important respect.Which won’t be easy when she discovers that an important match clashes with her older sister’s much-anticipated wedding.With a love interest supplied by Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the girls’ coach and hilarious support from Juliet Stevenson as Jules’s mum, this is packed with good performances and smart dialogue, and is brimming over with fun, even if you don’t understand the offside rule. To play the part Parminder had to be able to kiss Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which no doubt required much practice.

Parminder Nagra is known to the world at large as the star of Bend it like Beckham. To play the part Parminder had to be able to kiss Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which. She has to date acted in more than 90 episodes, and has become a central.… continue reading »

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Studio 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Release Date Sept. This glorious comedy centers on Jess Parminder Nagra, an Indian girl born in England. joins a girls' team under the guidance of a male coach Jonathan Rhys Meyers.… continue reading »

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Feb 1, 2011. Joanna Berry. Certificate 12A. Starring Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Juliet Stevenson. Release date 2002.… continue reading »

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