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Drake Parker (Drake Bell) is depicted as a laid-back, charming, immature, and womanizing teenager.Although he often appears unintelligent, his under-achievement seems to be caused by apathy and he has been known not to think before he acts (getting straight D's in school).There are some real weird niches in here and some I simply have never heard of before but after research I found out are HUGE.The niches are listed in alphabetical order but you can use the table to sort by market or sub-niche.In the pilot episode, he had a job for the school newspaper in which he wrote under the name Miss Nancy.In season two, he begins working for Helen at the fictional Premiere movie theatre.Unlike other church leadership events, Pipeline offers hands-on training and application that a staff can take home and begin implementing immediately. This day is available with full Spanish translation! Recruiting coaching days are designed to help church leadership teams create a culture of ongoing recruiting and development.

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She is usually telling the boys to try not to be so immature.

She upsets her husband Walter because of her preference to Bruce Winchill, his rival weatherman.

Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) is Drake and Megan’s stepbrother.

Unlike his stepbrother, Josh is smart, conscientious, sensible, and does well in school, although he is not often the socially stable one.

Because Walter is unable to discipline the boys, she usually has to punish the boys although these punishments are usually unfair because most are Megan's fault.