Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

24-Feb-2017 17:50

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This is not an introduction to Hibernate and you should already know the basics of configuration, object-relational mapping and working with entity instances.

For an introductory article to Hibernate, visit our tutorial on Hibernate 4 with Spring. We should also understand the history of Hibernate development that led to some partly duplicated API methods.

An entity that passed through such serialization/deserialization will appear in a methods, because they are standardized and guaranteed to conform to the JPA specification.

They are also portable in case you decide to switch to another persistence provider, but they may sometimes appear not so useful as the “original” Hibernate methods, .

Several methods were added to Session interface to match the Entity Manager interface.

These methods serve the same purpose as the “original” methods, but conform to the specification and thus have some differences.

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Apart from that latter consideration there is no need to invoke on an already persisted entity because any changes will automatically be saved at flush or commit time.

We’ve discussed the purpose of different Hibernate Session methods in relation to managing persistent entities in runtime.

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