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During the summer of 2015 Juliana began to drop hints that they were working together.A series of semi-cryptic Instagram posts led to up to the October announcement.“I have a history of involvement with creatively talented, emotionally damaged substance abusers,” Hatfield says.“It’s never boring but it’s often exasperating and exhausting.In the song I wish for a ‘normal’ guy and a ‘healthy’ relationship. The ones who seem outwardly to have it all together, who appear ‘normal,’ are often really insane underneath it all.

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'”) and entered the celebrity gossip mill, being paired Evan Dando and Johnny Depp.In the absence of PW news at the moment, I’ve gathered up some Westerberg-adjacent items you might find of interest. He’s done quite a few interviews in support of the new B&P record, “Anything Can Happen”, including this one with Rolling Stone: “How … He just announced new Bash & Pop tour dates in May.(“I don’t know , her Nietzschean-titled second solo album — and her only LP released under the name the Juliana Hatfield Three (which included bassist Dean Fisher and drummer Todd Philips) — she would start to climb the charts.