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28-Mar-2017 22:45

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The ransomware has been wreaking havoc across the globe today, locking hard drive MFT and MBR sections and preventing computers from booting.

Unless victims opted to pay a ransom (which is now pointless and not recommended), there was no way to recover their systems.

In the first hours of the attack, researchers believed this new ransomware was a new version of an older threat called Petya, but they later discovered that this was a new strain altogether, which borrowed some code from Petya, hence the reason why they recently started it calling it Not Petya, Petna, or as we like to call it Sorta Petya.

Because of the ransomware's global outreach, many researchers flocked to analyze it, hoping to find a loophole in its encryption or a killswitch domain that would stop it from spreading, similar to Wanna Cry.

Just make sure the Folder Options setting for Hide extensions for known file types is unchecked like below.

Once you have enabled the viewing of extensions, which you should always have enabled, open up the C:\Windows folder.

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The file can be downloaded from here: https://download.bleepingcomputer.com/vaccines/Not Petya It is a command line tool that when run without command line arguments will just create the C:\Windows\perfc file and exits.

Once we logged in into new user profile after reboot, printer spooler get started and printer worked perfectly fine.