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As stated in the Islamic Holy Quraan, there was a time when humans did not exist.

A trend toward larger brain size, a primate characteristic, started with the australopiths.

One question is whether the fossil record is complete enough and allows enough time for the evolution of .

Researchers can argue that some of the fossil features suggest that the Australopiths are not the direct ancestors of the genus Homo, but that they share a common ancestor.

The "cerebral Rubicon" proposed is a cranial volume of 750 cc.

Fossils called Java Man (850 cc) and Peking (915 to 1225 cc) are both included within the genus Homo. In north-eastern Tanzania, at Laetoli is the oldest evidence of a bipedal (upright walking) hominid (see books) (see human systematics - taxonomic classification).

However, the part of the brain responsible for our greater mental dexterity than other primates, the cerebral cortex, is well developed in primate (Falk, 2001).

Dated at 3.5 to 3.6 million years old, the prints are preserved in a volcanic ash bed (Reader, 1988).Any difference, such as that of the inner ear bones (see details below), may be an evolutionary vestige of the animal's past.Researchers need more fossils, especially of Homo habilis , Australopithecus was a bipedal ape with a small brain (450 cubic centimeters) (Washburn, 1978), and had massive, thickly enamelled molar teeth adapted to a diet of tough plant material.Its chest is funnel-shaped, with long arms and short legs as in apes.

Bipedalism arose before the evolution of intelligence or large brain volumes associated with humans, a proposal that Haeckel presented in the 1860's (Reader, 1988).Planet earth flourished without humanities' interfering nature as it had for billions of years.God awareness had not yet emerged upon earth in any form that we can understand.Some say there is too much biological discontinuity for the two creatures to be directly related.