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Then I asked him “Probably we should get you a wife! Tell me…If I can afford it I will” I replied.“Sure you won’t be upset mom! After a while I stopped him and got off him telling him to get up and walked out to the kitchen. After a while he came back to me in the kitchen while I was standing at the kitchen table. ” and came to me from behind, aligned his dick against my ass cheeks, put his hand into my saree tangles and held my womanhood and said “this mom”. ” I said trying to overcome the feeling “this food legally belongs to your dad! His dad must have over heard my sentence, he asked “What is that you want to eat son? Ramesh kept passing me “give me your pussy” looks at me. He paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”. He ripped my saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged me to our bedroom while hugging me and caressing my breasts.

” Ramesh blushed a lot and said “Na…I am too young for it”. After few moments Ramesh said “I know what I want for new year mom! He asked me where’s his dad and I said he might be taking a shower. I was so excited with his kinky gesture I almost came. ” I stumbled on hearing his words but regained my composure and said “You son is very hungry! ” I almost laughed at the kinky meaning of those words. Ramesh quickly looked at me with a lustful gaze and said “See! After we had enough to eat, there is still some left so I asked Ramesh if he would like another round. By the time his dad pulled the car out of our driveway Ramesh got me naked and was all over my body.

I was disgusted at first but slowly I got interested in the stories. He was surprised a bit about my sexual intensions but we had an excellent sex. But to be frank, during the act I replaced him with my son fucking me. The whole night I kept thinking about those stories. In the morning after the breakfast, I waited until his dad left saying he will not be coming home that night as he has y2k work. After calling everybody Ramesh resumed his tv watching as I went to my bedroom.

I spent pretty much the whole day reading those stories. And there were many with Indian cultural background too! Ramesh insisted he will go to his friends place but I told him not to. His dad rang us from work and Ramesh rang all his friends here and in US to wish them.

Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn’t keen. Some were for his friends and our relatives but most were for his mom and dad. I think if a mother like me wants to have an extramarital affair, I recommend them to seduce their sons.

In the morning after the breakfast we sat down to open our presents. For the next 4/5 days Ramesh was constantly with me helping in my kitchen and in other chores telling tales about his US life. How many times you will get to fuck your lover while your husband is sleeping next room? Since both had slept late I let them sleep until then and the went to my hubby to wake him up.

His dad also liked it and said he would like give another gift too. He held on to the blanket and asked where his dad was. Then he suddenly pulled me on to him as I stumbled on him and he gave me a deep lip kiss. ”Every word my hubby says is inducing a twitch in my already drooling cunt. I knew he is watching tv but counting the moments of his dad leaving the house.

He then used his left hand to widen my crack as he looked at my pussy with curiosity.

He kept sucking my breasts for few minutes interchanging them by caressing the other. As he reached my bush I inadvertently raised my legs and folded them for him to access.

It was my son sucking my breasts but I had feeling of my lover sucking me. He then started kissing my breasts and slowly worked towards my navel and then to my lower abdomen towards my thick bush.

He then whispered in my ear saying “let me unwrap my gift mom”. He then untied my bra to reveal my motherly breasts for him. He then took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. By now I just became a follower doing everything he wants me to do.

Now it appeared as if Ramesh took ages to remove his clothes.