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Hence Buddhism and Mohammedanism are especially famous in inculcating this method of devotion.

Huge gatherings of people intermittently all the year round venerate Kapilavastu where Gaukama Gaukama Buddha began his life, Benares where he opened his sacred mission, Kasinagara where he died; and Mecca and Medina have become almost bywords in English as the goals of long aspirations, so famous are they for their connexion with the prophet of Islam.

Surely then it is not fanciful to see how from this came a further development.

Not only had the martyrs in their last moments this power of absolving from ecclesiastical penalties, but even after their deaths, their tombs and the scenes of their martyrdom were considered to be capable also—if devoutly venerated —of removing the taints and penalties of sin.

Then again the more famous of His disciples, whom we designate as saints , themselves began to appeal to the devotion of their fellows, and round the acts of their lives soon clustered a whole cycle of venerated shrines.

Especially would this be felt in the case of the martyrs ; for their passion and death stamped more dramatically still the exact locality of their triumph.

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No doubt it began through a generous acceptance of the relation of St.