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14-May-2017 23:04

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Part of Meet Mindful’s mission is to make people aware that mindfulness comes in many forms.“It’s been a constant challenge to overcome the notion some people have that spirituality and conscious living and mindfulness are things that are fringe behaviors and value sets,” Baglan said.“That’s a huge part of the experience for people that makes them feel like Meet Mindful is that older sibling who’s made it a little bit further along than they have and has some advice to share.Sara’s been so integral in playing that role.” “Email is interesting,” Crolick said.“To be able to take what I consider my strengths — my love of language, my attention to grammar and the feel of words — and somehow turn that into a beneficial component of a tech startup company, is crazy.It’s awesome.” To Baglan, Crolick embodies a unique commodity in the tech industry.In addition to managing a revolving door of 15 to 20 writers on a monthly basis, Crolick is responsible for generating content ideas, posting on social media platforms, promotion, drafting newsletters and contributing her own writing.“If it involves content at all, I’ve got my hands on it,” Crolick said.

“We send out (newsletters) every week,” Baglan said.From day one, we’ve been very supportive in our communication style.” Upon graduating from Wilkes University, Crolick never imagined working for a tech startup dating site but is grateful for being in the entrepreneurial world.“I’ve learned so much about myself, how I operate and how capable I am of managing a lot more than I would have ever given myself credit for,” Crolick said.“That’s an incredible feat for someone to have the ability to have the people skills and artistic skills and the raw editing skills that she has,” Baglan said.