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08-Mar-2017 11:02

I don't want to always be the solo planner, provider and driver.

I believe that when financial circumstances are roughly equal, these responsibilities should be shared.

My question is, should I be open with my children (now adults) about their having a half-sibling out there someplace?

I've told my wife, but never discussed this sordid part of my history with anyone else. I am concerned that someday there will be a knock on my door due to the extensive research capabilities available via the internet.

But having the four main markets—Dream, Tochka, Trade Route, and Wall Street—all go down at once is unusual.

These sites offer a mail-order service for pretty much any drug a customer could imagine, from LSD to varieties of heroin.Last year, our son and his wife raced to five (yes, five) Christmas celebrations, trying to please every parent, stepparent and grandparent.We have decided that as a gift, we will liberate our children from having to be with us on that day.What I have found, especially with the last woman I dated, is that many women expect everything to be provided (even when I have suggested some sharing) for women who believe themselves to be strong and independent individuals.

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